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Occupying Streets, Workshop - CitiesMethodologies UCL 5 May 2011

Occupying Streets 
24 hour Street Design analysis workshop
Greg Cowan, assisted by Izis Salvador Pinto

>>10.00am Thursday 5 May
CitiesMethodologies2011: UCL Slade Research Centre, (Woburn Square, WC1H 0A)
Briefing: We go on a field work excursion to Caledonian Road, Kings Cross; 1 mile along Euston Road.
Complete worksheet, parts a/b/c/d at agreed time within 24 hrs
return by 10.00 on Friday 6 May / Pin up worksheets at Slade Research Centre Woburn Sq, compilation of findings and discussion with facilitators (online

1.Briefing: Practical field work street appraisal exercise: observe, record and engage with the study area, testing a) analyse users, b) analyse building form and use, c) analyse permeability, and legibility (map)
consider drawn and three-dimensional modelled analyses, including scale analysis and use-coding.

TIMELINE: 11.00 ----16.00 --- 21.00 --- 01.00 --- 06.00

a/.USER ANALYSIS: shopper, worker, 'street population', commuter, child, visitor/tourist, etc

use – function (residential, entertainment etc)
form – age, height, style
legibility – what is it – can I find it? - is it useful to me?
permeability – can I get through – can I see in? – do I feel safe going in or through? - accessible along my way?

c/ MAP
local observations
wider links
social and physical
transport issues

making street safer
more accessible
more enjoyable as a place

W. H. Whyte suggested that by observing and by talking to people, we can learn a great deal about what people want in public spaces and can put this knowledge to work in creating places that shape liveable communities. We should therefore enter spaces without theoretical or aesthetic biases, and “look hard, with a clean, clear mind, and then look again – and believe what we see.” (

>>10.00am Friday 6 May
Pin Up at Slade Research Centre Rm 5 or hand to GC

Further References

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Participant list
Mariana Whitehouse
Yolanda de los Bueis
Kathleen Stokes
Cherng-Min Teong
Carin Nakinishi 
Sid Charity
Tobias Newland
Yin-King Hai
Lisa Chau
Jan Polverini
Rita Salvador Pinto

above note:

Biographical statement of contributor(s) including UCL or other affiliation (max. 100 words).
Gregory Cowan
(University of Westminster)
I am a researcher, educator and consultant in architecture, urban design and regeneration. Based in London, UK, I am analysing users, space and movement in city streets and their roles in street design. I also work in architecture and design education, including professional development education for architects.

My research on urban regeneration and streets is aimed at understanding inner cities in Europe and regenerating areas near transport hubs. I am seeking improvements to development of shared urban space through design, education and communication; with the aims of producing attractive, accessible and sustainable urban spaces, streets, and architecture.

Co-facilitators / Assistants
Izis Salvador Pinto

Liaison / Coordination Cities Methodologies Ben Campkin

more about:

ABOUT:Inaugurated in 2009, CitiesMethodologies showcases innovative methods in urban research.

Visitors to Cities Methodologies encounter diverse methods of urban research in juxtaposition - from archival studies to statistical analyses, practice-led art, architectural and design work to oral history, writing, walking, performances, film-making and photography.

Cities Methodologies promotes cross- and inter-disciplinary work, and showcases recent research on a wide range of cities.

Participants are drawn from right across UCL, as well as from De Montfort University, CUNY, University of Edinburgh, Goldsmiths, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Humboldt Universität Berlin, LSE, University of Manchester, National University of the Arts, Bucharest, Queen Mary’s University of London, and the University of Westminster.

Weds 4 May, 18.30 to 21.00
Thurs 5 May, 10.00 to 20.00
Friday 6 May, 10.00 to 20.00
Saturday 7 May, 10.00-13.00

Venue: Slade Research Centre, Woburn Square, London, WC1H 0AB.

All events are free. No booking required except where stated.
Programme updates:
Enquiries to Fusun Turetken

Supported by:
UCL Urban Laboratory
UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment
UCL Slade School of Fine Art
UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies

Curated and organised by:
Dr Ben Campkin, UCL Urban Laboratory/Bartlett School of Architecture
Dr Susan Collins, UCL Slade School of Fine Art
Dr Ger Duijzings, UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies
Prof Jane Rendell, UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment
Füsun Türetken, UCL Urban Laboratory/PhD Candidate Goldsmiths

Launch, 18.30, Wednesday 4 May 2011.
Performance by T.R.I.P.O.D.

Nana Adusei-Poku and Füsun Türetken, No Name in the Street
Ximena Alarcón, Sounding Underground
Yun Jie Chung and Brent Pilkey, Do Ho Suh’s ‘The Bridge Project’
Inês Dantas, Wohnwald: Inhabitable Urban Forest
Carolyn Deby, citysited/1
Ming Deng, Jacob Wilson and Mayuri Sisodia, Orhan in the City
Teresa de Macedo, Dual Archaeology
Max Dewdney, Chiaroscuro City

Oliver Gregory, Lucia Caistor, Samira Islam, Matthew Wright, The Heygate
Mohamad Hafeda, Sewing Sound
Suzanne Hall and Juliet Davis and others, City Street
Benjamin Holzman, Hold My Hand
Tom Jenkins, The City
SubREAL, Interviewing the Cities
Iosif Kiraly and others, Ro-Archive
Mircea Nicolae, Glass Globes / 25 Demolished Houses
Benjamin Leclair-Paquet, West Bank Lab: Military Urbanism and Border Bending
Manu Luksch, Mapping CCTV around Whitehall and Blue-sky Blueprint
Hilary Powell, Structures of Enchantment: Pop-Up Books in/on progress
Sophia Psarra, Detroit: the Fall of the Public Realm
Bradley L. Garrett, Jonathan Prior and Brian Rosa, Jute
Seijin Kim, Hana_Set
Maria Sfaellou, London - the City of Senses
Simson&Volley, Project Project, Protest!
Dorian Wiszniewski and others, Florence: Curating The City.

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