Sunday, 23 November 2008

mongolian architecture school.. in progress

I was informed recently that the building has reached the fifth floor above ground level.


My photographs of the directors and of the graduation ceremony earlier in the year were also featured on the college website.


Friday, 21 November 2008

Architecture along the Great Wall

I recently noted this approaching conference on architecture and central asia studies (among other things) at Vienna University of Technology's Institute for Comparative Architectural Research and the Confucius Institute at the University of Vienna;

The stated goals of the symposium:
"Along the Great Wall" (now online) is an interdisciplinary forum for an exchange of ideas in the fields of history, architecture and Asian Studies.
Researchers with research areas in the fields architectural and cultural history of Asia, such as historical and political studies, Religion, art, literature and anthropology are invited.

The symposium will be held in three parts:
1) discussions with individual presentations of 20 minutes duration.
2) 20-minute discussion after each round of presentations
3) workshops with different topics are covered:
  • Historical Development
  • architectural traditiLinkons (urban and rural residential architecture, religious architecture, palace architecture, Monuments)
  • Traditional and contemporary techniques
  • Art History
  • Historic (selection criteria and technical realization)
  • Contemporary architecture, urban planning, regional planning, infrastructure
  • ecological problems, environmental problems, natural resources
  • Socio-cultural situation (social changes, ethnic mixing and minorities)
A presentation and discussion about architecture, education, access and development (viewed from the Mongolian side of the wall) would be my planned contribution.